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I. Background
The Office of General Affairs was established in 1961, with the opening of Feng Chia University , and has grown and developed alongside the university. At the time of its establishment, its subordinate agencies included the Documents Section, Campus Affairs Section and Cashier Section. In 1963, the Property Custody Section was established. Then, in 1976, the Construction and Maintenance Section was set up. More recently, in 1999 and 2001, respectively, the Environmental Safety Section and Purchasing Section were formed. The Documents Section was moved to the Office of the Secretariat, where it was later disbanded. In 2012, the Property Custody Section and Purchasing Section combine to the Purchasing and Property Custody Section. Thus, the Office of General Affairs is made up of the following:
Campus Affairs Section
Cashier Section 
Construction and Maintenance Section
Purchasing and Property Custody Section 
In addition, task forces for purchasing, construction management, building safety inspection and campus environment improvement have been set up, as well as a number of committees, to assist and guide the Office of General Affairs in carrying out its duties.
II. Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Office of General Affairs includes one dean, two secretaries and one  staff member:

Dean: Chien-Yuan Chen

Secretaries: Hsing-Sang Su, Chi -Jui Lu

Staff Members: Yi-Ting Chen
III. Duties
*Conduct general affairs work, research and promotion.
*Draft and revise general affairs rules and regulations.
*Implement and safeguard laws and regulations.
*Supervise solutions, policies and projects decided upon during general affairs meetings.
*Supervise and manage general affairs work projects.
*Carry out overall campus planning
*Implement duties and projects assigned by university authorities.
IV. Concepts
*Develop a service culture: The Office of General Affairs exists to serve students and faculty. Thus, all measures and projects are based on the needs of students and faculty.
*Innovate: Planning of general affairs work must be innovative and at the forefront of emerging trends.
Carry out comprehensive quality control: The Office of General Affairs continuously works to improve the educational, research and living environment of Feng Chia University.